No sooner had I published yesterday’s post about alternatives to the BBC’s iPlayer for Android since they (the BBC) forced beebPlayer’s removal from the Market than I learnt of another. And for live TV it outplays the other options discussed.

Take a bow

TVcatchup for Android channel selection

TvCatchup - loadsa channels

TVcatchup viewing options

High/Low quality feed options

Like, tvcatchup isn’t a downloadable app but a web site accessible via the built in browser but offering far more channels than, including: E4, Film 4, Fiver, Five USA and ITVs 3 and 4. You also get to choose between high and low quality feeds. Picture quality in HQ mode is good but on my ancient G1 the audio soon starts to lag and the picture starts to break up a bit. However, the LQ option is reasonably reliable but in any case you can always restart the stream if you experience problems. I’d be interested to hear how the HQ feed behaves on one of the newer generation of Android phones.

Registration is required to use the service but for now, at least, it costs nothing – reading the terms of service, they make it clear it’s the viewer’s responsibility to ensure they follow licencing rules. I guess that means that if you’re in the UK you should have a TV licence.

Just one thing. If you visit you’ll see no mention of Android. Try the iphone feeds ( and you’ll find they’re incompatible but point your browser at and you should be in business.

Tested on T-Mo 3G and wi-fi connections using a Google G1 phone.