You’ve got to be confident of your product if you’re going to use the word ‘awesome’ in its name. But really, Dashwire’s file transfer app, Awesome Drop, lives up to the name pretty darn well. Here’s a quick review.

It’s very simple so let’s have Brody, the ‘Dashwire Intern’ describe it. It’s a…

…super easy, web-based way to transfer files from your computer to your Android phone – no wires or accounts required.


Download the app from Android Market (for free), fire it up and you’re asked to enter your pin. What pin? Visit the Dashwire site on your computer to retrieve it and enter it back in the app. Drag and drop files from your computer into the drop box in your web browser and they immediately start transferring to your phone, wirelessly. Err, awesome.

Awesome Drop pin

Enter pin...

Awesome Drop files

...and you're good to go

Check out the video to see it in action but you don’t really appreciate just how cool it is until you try it yourself. There’s no registration, no faffing, it just works, with any file type. And if you forget your pin, just reset in the app or on the web site and you get another.

Apparently the files aren’t stored anywhere in the transfer process but zip through Dashwire’s servers directly but personally I wouldn’t transfer private date using this method.

My only request to the developers is to provide the option of changing the folder the files end up in on your phone. By default they’re all plonked in the same ‘drop’ directory and I’d rather not have to shuffle them around afterwards.

In summary, brilliant app. Recommended.