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Is there an internet shaped hole in Wyoming

Just askin’.


Awesome Drop – File transfer made easy on Android

You’ve got to be confident of your product if you’re going to use the word ‘awesome’ in its name. But really, Dashwire’s file transfer app, Awesome Drop, lives up to the name pretty darn well. Here’s a quick review. It’s very simple so let’s have Brody, the ‘Dashwire Intern’ describe it. It’s a… …super easy, […]


TVcatchup: Another live TV option for Android (UK)

No sooner had I published yesterday’s post about alternatives to the BBC’s iPlayer for Android since they (the BBC) forced beebPlayer’s removal from the Market than I learnt of another. And for live TV it outplays the other options discussed. Take a bow


Alternatives to beebPlayer / BBC iPlayer for Android

A couple of months ago Dave Johnston announced on his blog that he was stopping development of beebPlayer, his amazing iPlayer for Android app. Not only that but he had decided to withdraw it from the Android Market. In his post about the decision he didn’t give much away but it was pretty clear pressure […]


Android Apps made easy with Google Inventor

If you’ve ever fancied creating your own apps rather than just downloading/buying other people’s, you need to take a look at Google’s new free to use app design tool, Inventor. This amazing web app uses a drag and drop interface using standardised controls to build up surprisingly complex applications without you having the first clue […]